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TGA x Rhiannon Griffith

We are thrilled to announce our Indigenous art collaboration with a cherished member of our very own team.


Meet Rhiannon Griffith

Rhiannon is a valued member of our TGA community, embodying the roles of both a dedicated educator at our Edmondson Park 2 campus and the talented Indigenous artist.

Rhiannon’s artistic journey began during high school where she discovered a profound connection and interest in Aboriginal art. Drawing inspiration from the rich stories woven within her family from the Kamilaroi tribe, Rhiannon has been refining her craft ever since.

As a team, we have long desired to collaborate with an Indigenous artist to create unique art pieces for various uses. When we discovered we had an Indigenous artist within our community, we jumped at the opportunity to work with her. We’ve loved supporting her as both an artist and educator.

Rhiannon brings a unique perspective to her work, weaving together her experiences as an educator and traditional art techniques. Together, we have many more exciting projects planned with Rhiannon.

We  are both dedicated to inspiring children to not only appreciate Aboriginal culture, history, and tradition but also to embark on their own creative journeys.

Watch this space!