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Our Mission

Building the roots for a child’s success through opportunities to create, imagine and explore in an immersive and nurturing environment.

We believe that the first five years of a child’s life impacts the way they think, feel and act for the rest of their lives. It is for this reason we place a large focus on educating our children from a social, emotional and physical perspective, while building their confidence and teaching them to be respectful to others, giving them the best foundation for their future.

Striving to be the best in Early Childhood Education

The Grove Academy is determined in providing the best support for your child. We have therefore consulted with industry professionals and come together to develop the Grove Theory Program in addition to the following Exclusive Grove programs, focusing on the most critical aspects of your child’s development.




Reggio Emilia Approach

We follow a Reggio inspired curriculum that is always flexible and branches from children’s ideas, thoughts and observations.

Our Reggio goal is to cultivate within children a lifelong passion for learning and exploration. This approach places an emphasis on children’s symbolic languages in the context of a project oriented curriculum, where learning is viewed as a journey and growth; and education as building relationships with people (both children and adults) and creating connections between ideas and the environment