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Preparing for big transitions

Our Preschool Room helps provide an excellent learning environment for young children and through our extensive School Readiness Program, we also prepare children and parents for the transition to school. 

School readiness

Our School Readiness program is holistic and plays a valuable role in helping children develop new physical, mental and emotional skills required for the transition to school. 

In additional to academically preparing children for school, our program assists children with listening, following instructions, socialising with peers and managing conflict in a positive manner.

Our transition to school initiatives such as lunch box week, reading groups and school visits, focuses on developing independence and helps arm our preschoolers with the practical tools and skills they need to thrive in their coming school years.  

Play based learning

Learning projects are also implemented to extend child development. The projects at TGA emerge from children’s enquiries where in depth studies of concepts, ideas and interests and fulfilled. These projects are considered as a journey. Our educators scaffold children’s learning, help make decisions about the direction of study the ways in which the group will research the topic and the selection of materials needed for work.

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