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Flourish and grow

At the Grove Academy, we believe every child will flourish given the right environment and opportunity. This is where our Grove Flourish Program comes in; we provide in-house support, early intervention and extracurricular programs children need to ensure they reach their full potential at their own pace. 

Each child’s progress is monitored with developmental assessments completed every six months to accurately assess milestones, goals and more.

Speech Pathology

In-house Speech Pathologists, partnering with both educators and parents to assess and develop a child’s speech and language skill.

Mama Bear Program

“Comfort Specialist” dedicated to calmly settling children into care and giving them the nurturing sense of safety and security they need for healthy development and wellbeing.

Speech Pathology

Children develop the foundations for their communication skills in the first 5 years of life. With this in mind, we’ve employed our very own, qualified Speech Pathologist to provide speech assessments and early intervention to children with communication, language and speech disorders.

Our Speech Pathologist will work closely with educators and families to provide education, support and guidance for effective outcomes. Parents can be taught valuable early language strategies so that they can help facilitate their child’s speech and language development during play, reading books and during daily routines such as mealtime and bath time.

Mama Bear Program

Our Mama Bear Program features experienced mothers and grandmothers who have been employed as “comfort specialists” at the Grove.

Their main duties will include loving cuddles, settling children into care, nursing our little ones, sending children off to dreamland and assisting with feeding.

Our aim of the program is for these Mama Bears to become familiar, reassuring faces for our children and their families.

Each Mama Bear has been hand-picked by our team because of their warm, loving nature, gentle approach and cuddling credibility – you can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy in their presence.