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Grove Martial Arts

We developed the Grove Martial Arts program in consultation with industry professionals. 

The coping mechanisms the Grove Martial Arts program advocates will enrich the children with appropriate levels of confidence, allowing them to concentrate more diligently on tasks they are performing and ultimately increase their holistic wellbeing.

Grove Martial Arts has been embedded into the curriculum to encourage movement, discipline and focus on a daily basis.

Grove Yoga

At TGA we recognise the countless physical, developmental and wellness benefits of Yoga for children, which is why we have incorporated Yoga into our daily curriculum and Grove Theory program.

Grove Meditation

Grove Meditation aims to empower children with the tools to stop, breathe, regulate their emotions and calm the environment around them through guided mediation and breathing exercises.

Grove Decor

Each of our purpose built centres are designed to support our holistic approach to childcare. Space is key to our Reggio inspired curriculum that is always flexible and branches from children’s ideas, thoughts and observation.

Our rooms are large, open and sunlit with plenty of space for children to play, grow and thrive. We also respect the need for comfort and a place to pause which is why each room incorporates a relaxation area for the children.

Parent Portal

Designed exclusively for the parents at The Grove Academy to stay up-to-date with their child’s day; including activities, photos and a daily chart which outlines their food/water intake and sleep times.