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Grove Wellness

At TGA we support our employees wellness. We believe that when you are the healthiest version of yourself, your productivity sky rockets. We encourage high employee morale by making sure our employees feel appreciated and valued. Some of our wellness initiatives include goal setting, assistance programs, team bonding days, nutritious meals and snacks, fitness and mindfulness activities and community service projects.

Be Well

We support physical wellbeing by offering a range of active equipment within the centre and partnering with external health organisations from the local community for all staff members.

Eat Well

We provide regular healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks because we recognise the importance of nutrition and its effect on overall health and wellness.

Feel Well

We reward our staff with ongoing experiences; including but not limited to bonding days, inservices, massages and other incentives to promote mindfulness, productivity and holistic wellbeing

Grove Wellness is aimed at empowering individuals and enabling them to foster good health and wellbeing

Meet our Wellness Director

Hi, I’m Elyse Roach

I am the Wellness Director at The Grove Academy. My passion for paediatric health, wellness and early intervention lead me to study Bachelor of Health Science (Health Promotion), Master of Health Science (Health Services Management) and my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care.

As the Wellness Director, I endeavour to be a leader and promote Grove Wellness, implement and evaluate wellness initiatives within our community and offer support to all our staff, children and their families.

We have created the Grove Wellness initiative to empower individuals – children, families and staff, and enable them to foster good health and wellbeing.