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Stay at Home Activities

Given the current restrictions, we are all spending a lot more time at home with our children. It is a special opportunity to spend some quality time with our families. However it can also be considered a very challenging time for some parents, as they try to keep children entertained and engaged whilst juggling home schooling and working from home.

To help, we’ve complied a list of our favorite online stay at home activities, experiences and resources to entertain, educate and enjoy with your littlest loves while stuck at home during this time.

Monster Meditations

From our old friends at Seasame Street and developed in conjunction with Heads Space, it is a series of sweet and short videos that encourage children to practice meditation and mindfulness as a way to combat stress and anxiety during these challenging times.

Taronga TV

Tarongo Zoo offers a live view into their animal enclosures and brings the Zoo straight to your living room.

Lion Cam, Elephant Cam and Tiger Cam is sure to be a favourite.

Blob Opera

A machine learning experiment by David Li in collaboration with Google Arts & Culture.

It is very easy for little hands to operate and creates a hilarious orchestra which is sure to get some giggles. Click here to try it for yourself.

Paper Stories

It’s story time with a twist and it is one of our favorite Remote Learning exercises from 2020.

A story of an ambitious little piece of paper with dream of becoming an icecream cone. Follow along at home to make this story come to life – all you need is a piece of paper.

Art Hub for Kids

“Art Hub for kids is an absolute creative wonderland for kiddos, created and hosted by a family of six (!!) who draw right along with you and give you a step by step guide to each illustration.”

In this adorable lesson, Dad teaches his two year old how to draw a person.