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Schools Tree Day 2018

On Friday we celebrated Planet Ark’s Schools Tree Day, which is a reminder of the importance of nature in our children’s lives.

This year, our Schools Tree Day marked the beginning of our Grove Family Garden concept, as we planted with love and care all the plants and seedlings kindly donated to our veggie patches by our parents and carers.

The sun was shining and the weather was warm as mother nature provided perfect planting conditions for an amazing mix of herbs, fruit and vegetable plants and seedlings. With a bit of watering, care and a whole lot of community spirit, we’re sure to have a big beautiful and thriving garden very soon that we can all reap the benefits from.

“In every gardener is a child who loves to play in the dirt. In every child is a gardener ready to grow.” – Unknown.  As you can see from the photos and the children’s smiles, our budding little gardeners had so much fun getting their hands dirty and connecting back to nature.

If you were unable to make it on the day, please feel free to arrange another time to come in and add to our gardens.


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