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Our School Readiness Program

Starting school is a big transition for you and your little one, so it is important to ensure your child is ready for the big changes ahead.

Our School Readiness program helps children have the resilience and confidence to deal with these changes and their new surroundings, schedules and expectations.

It’s not just about academics! It’s about giving your child the social, mental and physical skills, in addition to literacy and numeracy, so they are set-up for a lifetime of learning and are ready to thrive.

Daily Curriculum & Activities

Within our daily curriculum, our children engage in a wide range of experiences that focus on numerous school readiness concepts.

  • Social development is a big focus during our daily routine; children are encouraged to approach educators and peers confidently, engage in reciprocal conversations, explore concepts of social justice and turn taking.
The Grove Academy Family Involvement
  • The School Readiness Workbook has been designed exclusively for The Grove Academy to help children develop the basic literacy and numeracy skills they will be exposed to in the early stages of kindergarten. The workbook is used in conjunction with the daily curriculum, the assistance of our educators and in small groups to allow for interaction and guidance.
The Grove Academy Family Involvement
  • Within our preschool rooms you will find dedicated focus areas such as literacy, numeracy, science, dramatic play and music. These focus areas are accessible to the children at all times, they allow children to engage in play-based learning and ensure that all areas are of the curriculum are being covered in a fun and engaging way.
The Grove Academy Family Involvement
  • Each of our preschool rooms also has an interactive smartboard allowing children to explore the technology they will be exposed to in a school setting. These interactive smartboards are mainly used for literacy and numeracy experiences, but also to investigate and research interest areas of the children through songs, dance, movement and information sites. We encourage the children to get involved using the touch screen as this serves as a great opportunity to teach turn taking abilities.
The Grove Academy Family Involvement

Special School Readiness Initiatives

In addition to the daily curriculum, we also have the following school readiness focused programs and initiatives.

  • Our Grove Martial Arts program has been specifically developed by industry professionals to strengthen both minds and bodies. Throughout the week the children get to dress up in the Martial Arts Gi (the traditional uniform) and participate in our educator-guided Martial Arts Program. They gain self-control as they learn how to express their energy in a controlled way, focus as they learn to listen to the commands and follow instructions, as well as confidence as they master the moves and techniques of non-combat Martial Arts.  All essential skills required for their new school environments!
The Grove Academy Family Involvement
  • Local library visits are organised regularly throughout the year with the aim to capture a child’s interest in books and encourage reading.
The Grove Academy Family Involvement
  • As we approach the end of the year, we prepare packed lunches for children to practice and build the skills of opening a range of different wrapping, bags and packaging to ensure they can eat during the set meal times at school. Children who are prepared, are more likely to eat their meals independently and have the energy they need to concentrate throughout the day.
The Grove Academy Family Involvement
  • In the last term, children attend an excursion to the local public school where they can explore the school environment through a guided tour with the older children. By doing so, children become familiar with the new surroundings and settings so that those first few days at school are a little less daunting.