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The Importance of Routine in Children’s Development

The Grove Academy_Children's Routine

Establishing regular routines is essential to children’s development, which we achieve through the Grove Develop Program. Structure and routine is how you teach children ways to control both themselves and their external environment. Having predictable routines helps to make your child feel safe, so that even if unexpected events arise, such as parents going away on business trips, moving to a different area or experiencing lifestyle changes, your child will be able to handle these easier, without any distress.

These daily routines should be centrally focused on your child achieving both a healthy mind and a healthy body. A day at The Grove Academy follows a structured routine implemented with a focus on incorporating necessary aspects in their development, while guiding, directing and supporting them to form a solid foundation for their future.

Some of our tips to creating a healthy routine for your child are outlined below:

Serve meals at regular intervals

Giving your child healthy, balanced meals at regular times each day is crucial for them to maintain an active body and an active mind. The Grove Develop Program educates children on the importance of nutrition and healthy eating and incorporates this as part of the routine every day. Meals should be low in sugar and contain fruit, vegetables, protein and complex carbohydrates for sustained energy throughout the day.

Set learning programme

By incorporating a variety of different activities in your child’s day you actively develop both left and right brain skill sets. Grove Learning utilises qualified educators to work closely with your child to ensure they learn at their own pace. We focus on children’s physical, personal, social and emotional well being as well as cognitive aspects of learning. Implementing a consistent and routine-driven learning programme supports children’s development educationally and emotionally.


Playtime is often where your child learns to explore their environment, so having routine playtime everyday is an important part of all children’s development. Playtime can be used to stimulate your child’s mind and teach them how to navigate their environment through various development-based activities.


A crucial part of your child’s daily routine and overall well being is keeping their sleeping patterns regulated. You should have a set time in place for when your child rises and goes to sleep every day.

By following these simple tips on developing routines, your child will be happier, healthier and feel more secure through established routine boundaries. The staff at The Grove Academy ensure daily routines suited to your child are adhered to setting a strong foundation for their development.

If you would like more information on the Grove Develop Program, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 1 GROVE.