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Outdoor Kids Activities for a Sunny Weekend

With the weekend just around the corner, here are two of our favorite outdoor kids activities to get your kids outside, enjoying the sunshine and learning.

The best thing about these outdoor kids activities is that they are free and you should have everything you need already lying around the house.

Nature Paint Brushes 

Outdoor Kids Activities - Nature Paint Brushes

What you’ll need:

  • Sticks, chop sticks or old pencils to be used for the brush handle
  • String, ribbon or elastic bands
  • A garden to find your little pieces of nature
  • Paint & paper


  1. Collecting the nature for this activity is half the fun. Look in your garden and see what interesting things you can find. Look for different shapes and textures.
  2. Making the brushes is as simple as tying your little pieces of nature and leaves to the sticks.
  3. Then the rest is up to your kids and their creativity.  Have fun painting with all the different nature brushes and discovering the prints and patterns they make.


Colour Scavenger Hunt 

Outdoor Kids Activities - Colour Scavenger Hunt

What you’ll need:

  • A bag
  • A garden or park to find your little pieces of nature
  • The colours for your scavenger hunt.  You can download it from the following link: Colour Scavenger Hunt Download


  1. Print out the colour scavenger hunt (see above link) and attach to bag.
  2. Head out on a nature walk to see how many of the colours you can find and enjoy finding and collecting all the colours of the rainbow.