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Mama Bear Program

Our Mama Bear Program features experienced mothers and grandmothers who have been employed as “comfort specialists” at the Grove. Their main duties will include loving cuddles, settling children into care, nursing our little ones, sending children off to dreamland and assisting with feeding.

Our aim of the program is for these Mama Bears to become familiar, reassuring faces for our children and their families.

Meet our Mama Bear

Hi, I’m Cindy Larrosa-Jones

I am excited to have been chosen for the role of Mama Bear at The Grove Academy. My passion for working with children comes from having my own 4 children aged between 5 and 13 years old. Being a mother makes you realise just how fragile children can be; but also, how strong at times, it’s taught me that not everything goes to plan and sometimes you need to think on your feet.

I believe children can drag you into their world, if only for a minute, and make you a child again. I believe patience, love and understanding is always a must when caring for and nurturing children.

My goal is to make a difference to every child that I encounter, I want to make their days happy and positive and make them feel cared for.