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Introducing…The Grove Family Garden

We’d like to take the opportunity of School’s Tree Day (occurring this Friday) to open our vegetable gardens to all Grove families and introduce our Grove Family Garden!

This Friday, we are asking parents at all Grove centres to bring in some seeds, seedlings, a plant or tree to donate to our vegetable gardens. We will then plant these with the children on Friday.

This is essentially a community garden, the idea is that you and your children are then responsible for your little patch of the garden and can enjoy tending to your crop together, when you can.  Of course, we will always have our budding little gardeners on hand also tending to the gardens as part of our agricultural program.

“A garden always gives back more than it receives” (Mara Beamish). With a bit of watering, care and a whole lot of community spirit, we can have a thriving garden we can all reap the benefits from. Imagine popping out to our garden to grab some rosemary for tonight’s dinner!

We think this is a great opportunity to educate the children on working together, community spirit, the mental health benefits of gardening, healthy eating and also gives the children a sense of responsibility – an all round win!

Check the Parent Portal for more information on how you can get involved.

Watch this space! Healthy and thriving garden pics to be coming soon.