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4 Tips To Get Your Kids Excited About Eating Healthy Food

Kids Excited About Eating Healthy

Developing healthy kids is not always an easy task! It can be challenging getting kids excited about eating the nutritious food that is required as part of maintaining overall physical and mental health.

Through the Grove Develop Program we educate children on the importance of nutrition and healthy eating. In addition, we have an onsite chef that prepares nutritious meals that the kids enjoy! So, how can you get your kids excited about eating healthy food at home? We have rounded up 5 tips that can help:

  1. Adopt a positive attitude to the eating process

Kids watch adults for signals and then are likely to respond to them. If they see you enjoying and talking positively about healthy food, they too will respond positively to this. Ingraining this positive healthy eating philosophy into children at an early age will assist them to think this way about healthy food naturally.

  1. Incorporate colours

Fruit and vegetables fall into five different colour categories: red, purple/blue, orange, green and white/brown and each colour carries its own set of benefits. Children can be stimulated by incorporating a variety of colours into their food. Therefore, presenting their food in exciting colour patterns can encourage them to eat healthy food. Further, why not get them to pick a piece of fruit and vegetable of each colour of the rainbow the next time you go grocery shopping to empower them to choose their own colourful healthy food?

  1. Involve them in the process

Encourage your children to become involved in the process, from shopping for fresh produce to cooking at home. By involving them in the process, you are educating them on the types of food to choose and how they can be incorporated into fun and tasty meals.

  1. Expose your child to the food-growing process

Whether planting little pots of herbs and watching them grow, or taking a trip to a farmers’ market, helping your children to enjoy the magic of the natural growing process can help develop a positive attitude towards clean eating. At The Grove Academy, each child has access to locally-sourced, fresh produce for morning and afternoon tea as part of the Grove Fruit Market. The children are educated on the importance of what they are eating and where it is sourced.

If you would like more information on the Grove Develop Program and developing healthy kids, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 1 GROVE.